About us

The Start

Rool Golf was founded by two cousins with a fanatical love for the game of golf. The Salt Lake City, UT brand has focused on delivering fresh and unique apparel options to a growing base of younger players with alternative style preferences and tastes. Competing with massive brands with endless budgets hasn’t dissuaded the young company from following its passion for designing only the best on and off the course wear and accessories. Now carried in over 40+ Pro Shops across North America and having shipped to 14 countries and counting the company is gaining a large base of loyal customers and brand advocates.

The Name

The brand needed to have a short and memorable name that it could “own”. Rool is a play on the word “Rule” (note the small crown that is incorporated in the logo mark). ROOL your game, ROOL the course… you get the idea.

The Experience

A major point of focus for Rool Golf is the experience that each and every customer has with the brand. An immense measure of care is given to every aspect of the businessfrom the meticulous design of the apparel and website, to the the way that orders are carefully packaged and shipped. The founders continue to interact on a daily basis with customers and fans via the site’s live chat function, and don’t be surprised if you receive a handwritten note from one of them expressing appreciation for your business.